The majority of dog owners have insurance for their canine friend, but we have found that not many cat owners at all have insurance in place to protect themselves and their pets. There are varying levels of pet insurance, with different benefits and excesses, all there to support your financially should something bad happen to your pet.

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is a policy, similar to any other insurance, that helps you cover the cost of vet treatment if your pet falls ill or is injured. Some pet insurance policies even pay out if your pet dies, is lost or stolen, or causes damage to property that’s not yours.

All pet insurance policies are different, and when comparing and selecting yours, you should be sure to read the terms and conditions very carefully. However, the majority of policies include the following benefits:

  • Death by accident or illness
  • Missing pet cover
  • Overseas travel cover
  • Cattery fees
  • Dental cover
  • Euthanasia, cremation and burial

The following points are usually not covered within cat insurance policies:

  • Pre-existing illnesses or injuries
  • Routine and preventative treatment, e.g. flea treatment, castration, etc.
  • Pregnancy and giving birth

What are the different types of pet insurance?

There are three main types of pet insurance that you can select from when choosing a new policy. We have listed the definitions from below.

Lifetime Cover Pet Insurance

Lifetime cover is the most comprehensive pet insurance on the market and pays out for ongoing issues that your pet may have throughout its lifetime.  There are two main types of lifetime cover: per condition per year cover, and annual lifetime cover.

Per condition per year has a maximum limit for specific conditions that your pet may have, which reset each year. Anything over the limit you would have to met by you. However, at the end of the policy year, the limits would reset to £1,000 for each condition.

Annual cover has a maximum overall limit that includes all conditions your pet may experience, which resets each year. Both per condition per year and annual pet insurance policies cover ongoing illnesses every year unless you cancel your policy.

Non-lifetime Cover Pet Insurance

There are two main types of non-lifetime insurance: per condition cover, and time-limit per condition cover. Per condition pet insurance cover pays a limited amount for each condition and, once the limit has been reached, the condition is excluded from future payouts.

Time-limit per condition pet insurance cover has both a per condition limit and time limit, typically of 12 months, before the condition is excluded. With a time limit policy, even if your limit for a particular condition wasn’t reached, the condition would eventually be excluded after 12 months.

Accident Only Pet Insurance

Accident-only pet insurance provides a fixed sum of money for each accidental injury to help pay for your pet’s treatment. It is the cheapest type of pet insurance policy but excludes cover for illness entirely.

Is insurance recommended for pet cats?

Just like dogs, if you cat becomes unwell or injured, the vet bills can be extortionate. Even a mild illness can easily add up to the best part of £1,000. It is highly recommended, we think that it should be enforced, that dog owners have insurance for their dogs. However, you don’t hear of many cat owners having pet insurance. We believe this should change, and more cat owners should be looking at taking out a pet insurance policy to protect themselves from unexpected and sometimes unpayable vet bills.

How to find the best deal on pet insurance

Before taking out a new pet insurance policy, we would highly recommend doing your research. Choose which type of cover is best for you and your cat, and then go on price comparison sites such as GoCompare and You will be able to make straight comparisons, and make sure you are getting a fair price.

Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith is a huge animal lover and has always been passionate about the wellbeing of pets. She currently has a rescue dog, Stewie and a corn snake, Samson, but has experience of looking after various different pets over the years.

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