Should You Feed Ducks Bread?

How many of you enjoyed feeding ducks at the local pond or park when we were younger? I used to love walking down to the local pond with my grandparents and feeding the resident ducks some bits of stale bread that my grandmother had saved for me to feed them. However,

Feed The Garden Birds All Year Round

British wildlife can be found all over the country, whether you live in the countryside or even if you live in a busy city. Having birds in your garden is a lovely thing to see when you look out of your window. You can encourage more birds to visit your garden

Chester Zoo Are Helping To Boost The Butterfly Population

Chester Zoo have been working hard to restore the population of large heath butterflies. Their butterfly team have been raising the caterpillars to prevent the extinction of the large heath butterfly species. The 150 recently hatched caterpillars will be released into natural habitats across Cheshire and Manchester – where the species