Dog Ownership: What are the benefits?

According to a survey carried out by PDSA, 26% of the UK adult population own at least one dog. That’s an estimated number of over 9.9 million pet dogs living in the UK.  Despite them leaving a trail of dog hair all over your home, having to pick up after them and

Keeping your dog safe in the heat

The weather has been glorious over the past few days, and by looking at the forecast for the next week, that isn't going to change any time soon. Although us humans may be making the most of the weather by sunbathing in our gardens, our canine friends may not

How to prepare your dog for post-lockdown life

Over the past couple of months, we have been spending much more time at home with our dogs. This is not likely to change any time soon. For most dogs, having their families home all of the time is a big change and something that they are definitely not used

Meet P.D Cooper – Staffordshire’s Own Working Police Dog

Photo taken of the official Twitter account of P.D Cooper P.D Cooper (Police Dog Cooper) is Staffordshire Police Force's first ever working police dog that's their very own breed, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. P.D Cooper graduated from his training in April 2018, and since then he has become a national star.

Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

It can be difficult to find dog treats that are healthy, natural and don't have a bad smell to them. We have put together our list of a few different dog treats for you to try making yourself at home. Your dog is guaranteed to love them as much as

Dog Breeds And Separation Anxiety

WHICH DOG BREEDS SUFFER MOST FROM SEPARATION ANXIETY? When thinking about getting a new dog, you need to consider your lifestyle and whether a dog would fit into your life. Adapting your lifestyle may be needed for your new pet – especially if you work long hours or have a busy

Should your dog be fed less while exercise is limited?

With the current restrictions that are in place in the UK, and across the rest of the world too, dog owners are worried about the lack of exercise they are able to give their dog and how it will affect their health. The health of our pets should always be

Can dogs sense our emotions?

The world is going through a very uncertain time currently, and a lot of us are feeling stressed, anxious and worried. We are all spending more time at home, around our pets. Something that has been a topic of discussion for many years is whether animals can sense our emotions

Coronavirus and your dog

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has become an extremely serious and fast-growing worldwide public health issue. Shops are struggling to cope with the demand on some products, countries are closing the borders and the majority of people are panicking about the situation. One thing that hasn't been mentioned much in the media is