How to help your senior dog feel young again

It is inevitable that your dog is going to slow down as they get older, but this doesn't mean that they can no longer enjoy themselves. As a senior dog owner, you will be fully aware of the amazing ability dogs have at sleeping for the majority of the day!

Tips to help your dog with separation anxiety

With lots of us having been at home with our dogs much more than usual during lockdown, they may be finding it challenging now we're starting to leave them alone again. Any change in your dog's behaviour when they're left can be a sign of separation anxiety. We often think of dogs

How to keep your dog safe near water

Summer has officially arrived and for many of us dog owners, this means more walks in the countryside with our beloved pooches. The countryside may be beautiful but it is also full of dangers that you need to be aware of to ensure both you and your dog are kept

How to keep your dog cool in warm weather

While we all enjoy beautiful warm weather, unfortunately, unless we're careful it can be potentially lethal for our dogs. As they're not able to regulate their body temperature the same way that we do, they easily overheat, leading to heatstroke which can quickly become life threatening. The signs of heatstroke

Dog Ownership: What are the benefits?

According to a survey carried out by PDSA, 26% of the UK adult population own at least one dog. That’s an estimated number of over 9.9 million pet dogs living in the UK.  Despite them leaving a trail of dog hair all over your home, having to pick up after them and

Keeping your dog safe in the heat

The weather has been glorious over the past few days, and by looking at the forecast for the next week, that isn't going to change any time soon. Although us humans may be making the most of the weather by sunbathing in our gardens, our canine friends may not

Keeping your dog entertained during lockdown

The total change in routine as a result of lockdown can be quite stressful for our dogs, even if they’re getting to spend a bit more time with us than normal! Giving them some chilled out time with an enrichment activity can be a great way to help them relax.

How to prepare your dog for post-lockdown life

Over the past couple of months, we have been spending much more time at home with our dogs. This is not likely to change any time soon. For most dogs, having their families home all of the time is a big change and something that they are definitely not used