Should I Microchip My Ferret?

Ferrets are very sociable animals that make lovely pets. Originally being bred for hunting vermin, ferrets are naturally playful and mischievous. Ferrets have very similar personalities to dogs and cats, and require lots of interaction and exercise. It is now becoming increasingly popular for owners to microchip their pet ferrets but

Understanding your rabbit’s behavioural traits

Rabbits are very popular pets in the UK, and they have been for decades. In fact, a recent survey from PDSA has shown that 2% of UK adults own a pet rabbit. Although they are a popular choice, rabbits actually have quite complex needs and need constant care and attention

The Royal Mint launches commemorative lions of London Zoo coin

The Royal Mint has announced that they are launching a new coin which will feature the three lions which made up London's first zoo more than 800 years ago. The new coin is being released as part of the Tower of London collection. The commemorative piece is an uncirculated £5

5 Reasons Why Bearded Dragons Make Great Pets

Reptiles are becoming more and more popular for people to have as pets over recent years. There is now a huge variety of reptiles available to buy from specialist pet stores around the country. From snakes to frogs, lizards to tortoises, as a nation we are growing to love our

The best UK staycation destinations for dog owners

Lincolnshire, Norfolk and North Yorkshire top the UK for the ideal dog friendly staycation, according to a new study. 2020 has definitely been a year of change due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many families have had to make big alterations and sacrifices to their normal lives, including the cancellation and postponement

How much to feed your cat

As anyone with a pet cat knows, you have to make sure that you are feeding them appropriately to help keep them healthy. There are many things you need to consider when thinking about feeling your cat which we will outline in this article. One of the main concerns is

Are guinea pigs the right pets for you?

Guinea pigs have been a popular pet for several decades now and that's not surprising given how cute they are. Keeping guinea pigs as pets is very rewarding for both adults and children due to their size, temperament and ability to bond with them from a young age. They have

How to help your senior dog feel young again

It is inevitable that your dog is going to slow down as they get older, but this doesn't mean that they can no longer enjoy themselves. As a senior dog owner, you will be fully aware of the amazing ability dogs have at sleeping for the majority of the day!