How To Keep Your Pets Calm This Christmas

Christmas can be a very stressful time for pets. The change in routine, a busy house, loud noises and decorations can all contribute to your pets feeling on edge and stressed out during the festive period. We have put together some tips to make sure that your pets enjoy Christmas as

How to attract beautiful birds to your garden

Birdwatching, or birding, is a wonderful hobby where you observe the physical characteristics and behaviors of birds. Conducting this hobby usually requires you to visit remote locations to see birds in their natural habitats but isn’t necessarily needed. Outfitting and adjusting what your garden provides for birds will attract a

Which Festive Foods Should Dogs Avoid?

Christmas is just around the corner. We’re already putting the decorations up, buying presents and even getting in all the festive food and drink. Christmas is a busy and fun time spent with family, and as our pets, dogs shouldn’t miss out on the action either. However, there are many

Can I walk my dog if I’m self-isolating after being abroad?

Current government guidelines regarding the Covid-19 pandemic requires you to self-isolate for 14 days once returning to the UK from select abroad countries. This restriction means that you MUST only be within your home and garden at all times. Unfortunately, this does apply to exercise and dog walking too. How

How to take care of your cat this winter

Just like us humans, cats need a little more TLC in the wintertime. The change in weather comes with a few more hazards and things, as cat owners, you need to be aware of to be able to protect and take care of your cat. Most cat owners allow their

Remembrance Day – What is the purple poppy?

The Purple Poppy campaign is about honouring the lives of animals who were lost in service. The campaign runs alongside Remembrance Day on 11th November, and is there to raise awareness of the thousands of animal lives that were lost due to war and conflict. This may not be something

How to help your senior dog feel young again

It is inevitable that your dog is going to slow down as they get older, but this doesn't mean that they can no longer enjoy themselves. As a senior dog owner, you will be fully aware of the amazing ability dogs have at sleeping for the majority of the day!

How to care for your pet hamster

Hamsters are fairly popular pets, especially for children, due to their easiness to tame. Hamsters can be quite skittish in nature, but over time and with regular handling, they start to calm down and enjoy being handled. There are two popular hamster breeds for pets in the UK, Syrian and

Is it safe for dogs to eat pumpkin?

Pumpkins are everywhere around this time of year, especially with the lead up to Halloween. This vegetable may be mostly known for it's carving ability, but it's also enjoyed in dishes such as soup, pumpkin pie and even stuffed pumpkin. However, it's not just us humans who can enjoy a